Improved Safety

We have been fortunate that more serious accidents have not occurred on Beacon Avenue over the past few years. The limited visibility for cars accessing Beacon Avenue from the side streets of Third and Fourth as well as the daily incidence of vehicles traveling the wrong way on Beacon Avenue continues to challenge the
safety of the street.

Two way traffic movement on Beacon Avenue would provide:

  • Consistency with all other Sidney streets. No matter where  you cross a road in Sidney, you need to look both ways
  • There would be no opportunity for cars to travel the wrong way on any street.
  • The current plan to move side street crosswalks further out onto Beacon Avenue would not be necessary. This will save over $20,000 in Town expenses.
  • Cars would need to slow down on Beacon Avenue to be more careful with respect to on-coming traffic. Slower moving vehicles reduce accidents.
  • According to Beacon Avenue retailers an average of one car per hour goes the wrong way on Beacon Ave. during business hours
  • The return of Beacon Avenue to two way traffic is estimated to reduce average car and truck speeds on Beacon Avenue by +/- 1/3rd.