History of the Change

Beacon Avenue change history

Up to 1996

  • Early 70’s narrow sidewalks
  • Merchants did not want to pay to beautify Beacon Avenue
  • Mayor found a way to improve Beacon Avenue while keeping two way traffic
  • Merchants wanted one way so delivery trucks could stay on Beacon Avenue
  • One way was the flavour of the day

Starting in  the early 70’s there was a constant push to change Beacon from a narrow sidewalk, hydro pole crowded street to a more welcoming avenue.

Merchants did not want want to pay for any changes. Fortunately in the early 90’s Mayor Don Amos together with Town staff figured out a way to widen the sidewalks and beautify Beacon Avenue. The Mayor’s original plan was to have two way traffic but a few merchants intervened  wanting delivery trucks to park on the street in front of their stores. The best solution was a one way street that would allow cars to go around the parked delivery vehicles.

One way streets, at the time, were the flavour of the day.
Unfortunately,  with the introduction of  One Way Beacon Avenue, the Anacortes Ferry traveler could no longer come up Beacon Avenue.  The first thing they would see is a ‘ Do Not Enter’ sign and directions to get out of town.

Today most towns have reverted back to a two way system.
The Town hired a traffic consultant firm, Urban Systems, this spring. Their findings labeled Beacon Avenue. as uninviting and unintuitive.( see Urban Systems Report on this site ->)

We feel that today most of the merchants in Sidney would like to go back to a two way main street and make our town welcome to everyone.

Most merchants value easy access for their customers more than easy access for their suppliers.