Economic Benefits

A vibrant & successful main street is vital to maintaining residential property values.  Research elsewhere indicates that proximity to a vibrant and successful main street increases residential property values by +/- $100,000.

Returning Beacon Avenue to two way traffic is estimated to increase average annual sales in downtown Sidney by +/- 20%.

If we look to attract only 10 % of the Washington State Ferry traffic for 2012 * we could expect 5000 cars with  a minimum of 2 persons per car.

If we use the Mary Winspear Centre’s** economic spin off stats showing each leisure visitor person spending $ 120.00 each we could then expect $ 1.2 million dollars in annual  revenue to Sidney.

*     Washington State Ferry Information

*  Washington State Ferry Information Click on image for larger view
* *Conference delegate – Mary Winspear Centre
**A conference delegate spends on average $330.00 CDN a day, a new leisure visitor who spends $120.00 CDN a day and local resident traveler who spends $90.00 CDN a day.